Multifamily property management companies performed exceptionally well over the past year as they overcame pandemic-related restrictions and reenergized their portfolios. Those efforts resulted in near record-high occupancy rates, particularly for properties in suburban zones and the Sun Belt, Midwest and Southwest. Assets in gateway markets were the slowest to recover but still showed significant growth as many young people returned to urban cores across the country.

Demand for multifamily properties will persist as inflation and increasing interest rates drive homeownership further out of reach for the average household. An established property management firm will be critical to maximizing increasing opportunity.

This year’s Top Multifamily Property Management Companies list includes 50 firms with a combined 3.05 million units under management. The portfolios of our participants increased an average of 10 percent between 2020 and 2021 as firms continued expanding footprints across regions and asset types.

Bainbridge placed 32 in the list. Read more here.