It’s Service Appreciation Week, and The Bainbridge Companies is honored to spoil our service and maintenance team members with some fun, food and fabulousness.

This team helps ensure our portfolio of more than 20,000 apartment homes offers only the highest-quality living experiences for our residents. And we want them to know their tireless dedication to our company and our residents does not go unnoticed. We are so grateful for who they are and for the fact that they have chosen Bainbridge to share their time and talents with – we are so lucky to have them all!

Let’s take a quick moment to highlight just a couple of the many amazing things our maintenance and service team members do. These are snapshots of the exceptional service they deliver on a daily basis.

Thinking outside the box: The highly popular Bainbridge South End in Charlotte has experienced more than 30 move-ins a month for the last three months. As you can imagine, all of this activity left an over-abundance of cardboard boxes and packing materials at the community – some would call it Mount Cardboard. As you can probably also imagine, the recycling company wasn’t too excited about Mount Cardboard. One day, when they showed up to service the community, the company explained that they could not take away all of the material at once.

Enter Warren Madison, the community’s do-it-all guy (literally, he is the maintenance supervisor/groundskeeper/trash-hauler/office-cleaner/whatever-may-need-to-get-done guy). He recognized that if Mount Cardboard wasn’t cleared that week, it would become a real problem. So he made a deal with the recycling company and graciously agreed to meet them at 6 a.m. the following Saturday to help them remove all that remained of the mountain of cardboard.

Best impressions start before move-in: May was an extremely busy month at Bainbridge at Nona Place due to the transition in ownership and the implementation of new systems. In the midst of all of this, a new resident called the community in a panic. The reason for her distress? Her car was scheduled to be delivered to the property one week before her move-in date.

Ruben Alexander, the maintenance manager at the community, told the resident not to worry. He said he would meet the car delivery company. The resident told Ruben the car would be delivered between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. on a Monday night.

The car did arrive – but not until 3 a.m. Undeterred by the extremely late arrival, Ruben was there to ensure all went smoothly – and he even took the time to find an empty garage to park the car in to protect it from the storms that had been plaguing the area.

The resident could not have been more appreciative – and we at Bainbridge could not be more impressed. Like Warren, Ruben truly embodies exceptional service and is a prime example of what sets us apartment from other property managers.

So just what does next week have in store for Warren, Ruben and all of our amazing service team members? Each Bainbridge property will be celebrating the following:


Monday – Breakfast 

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday sponsored by Chadwell Supply

Wednesday – Wacky Wednesday (snacks on snacks on snacks)

Thursday – Afternoon treats sponsored by Maintenance Supply Warehouse

Friday – TGIF BBQ


And let’s not forget our amazing supplier partners who are graciously helping us celebrate our fabulous teams! A HUGE shout out and THANK YOU goes to Chadwell Supply and Maintenance Supply Warehouse! You guys rock!